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 Experience the world you want with the look you want.

Create a unique 3D avatar of your own and make friends with people from all over the world.

Another me

in another universe


An Open World where everything is possible anywhere, anytime

iMETAverse is composed of 16,000 (128 * 128) sandbox lands.

Players can build their own unique villages by filling the lands, which are purchased with iMETA coins, with their own unique contents.

There, you can interact with other players, enjoy contents, and even make money.

What you can do in "iMETA"....
You can do everything!




 In iMETA, you can experience meeting friends and raising pets like ordinarily. moreover,

You can also experience a dream-like experience of defeating a legendary monster to become a hero or an explorer looking for a huge amount of treasure.

 Villages, buildings, items... You can create anything you want with an object editor and a content editor.

You can make profits by turning your creations into NFTs and selling them in the market.



 Enjoy festivals by participating in various matches and contests held in iMETAverse.

If you get a high score, you can get iMETA Coins and rare items as a reward.

 You can buy games, land tickets, and items with the iMETA Coins earned in various ways.

We've prepared these things for you
who are ready to experience "iMETA".




 Don't worry if you don't have any special skills.

By creating and assembling object with our editor, anybody can easily create buildings and items.

 You can turn your creations into NFTs with the editor and then upload them to the iMETA marketplace and trade them with iMETA Coins.

Sell your own items as NFTs, or purchase NFTs of the items made by other players.

 In iMETAverse, you can not only create and manage items using our content editor, but also create various metaverse contents such as making games.

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